rasui'S STORY



Located in popular Chatsworth Road, Lower Clapton, London which is right near Homerton Hospital, Rasui Indian Kitchen is a synonymous with exceptionally well crafted Indian fine dishes.


We aim to amalgamate the mysteries and joys of the flavors from the Indian sub-continent. With a team of carefully curated chefs who do their best to emulate the complexity and depth of flavors that is associated with Indian food while maintaining the rigorous standards of a fine indian take away.




At Rasui, we have a passion for making sure customers experience the true taste of delicious genuine Indian food.We unusually combine a wide range of proper Indian food - pioneering curry, tikka, tandoori dishes, daily changing freshly made vegetables, flavourful tandoori grills and also regional curries, biryanis.Our food is unique to the true sources of Indian food – the gourmet homes, nawab's kitchens across India’s all regions such as Bengal, Panjab, Hyderabad as well as Bangladesh.




We aim to recalibrate the notions and perceptions of the sophisticated Londoner about Indian food. With a vested interest in establishing Indian culinary traditions and the complexity of flavors that it brings, Rasui indian hopes that it will be able to catapult Indian cuisine as a serious contender.

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